Mark Cai

Hey there! I'm Mark, a content creator of sorts in the gaming/esports space. I currently work at NVIDIA doing influencer relations with creators in our enterprise areas (AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc). I recently graduated from Arizona State University with Bachelors of Science degrees in Marketing and Computer Information Systems.

I most recently spent 2 years in Esports & Influencer Partnerships at Powerspike from my sophomore through senior year of college and I previously interned at Royal Dutch Shell in the marketing team. Last summer, I interned at NVIDIA working with Enterprise Influencers to push NVIDIA's AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Healthcare news along with other verticals.

This Week in Esports/Gaming is a weekly recap of business news in gaming and esports I created in 2019. Some viewers come from Riot Games, EA, FaZe Clan, Cloud9, Procter & Gamble, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and more. You can find each episode on my LinkedIn. Additionally, I successfully presented and defended my undergraduate honors thesis for Barrett, the Honors College on the success of Mobile Esports in the East and the possibility of growth in the West, which you can read and watch here.

I am known online by my name "Coolmark". I started on YouTube 8 years ago, garnering 100K+ subs along the way on Coolmark. I just recently started streaming on Twitch to expand my brand. Additionally, I have commentated 30+ esports tournaments for mobile games, with expertise in Critical Ops.

Outside of work, I enjoy running (Strava below), watching the latest gaming/esports content on Twitch/YouTube, and listening to metalcore tunes (Spotify below).

Last updated: July 10th 2022